Teaching Ukulele Like A Pirate


Kids love ukuleles.

Honestly, as far as I can tell, everyone loves ukuleles.

So when the time comes around to introduce our Blues and Ukes unit, I’m usually pretty confident things are going to go well.  But I decided to throw in something new this year to kick things off.

I decided to teach the ukulele like a pirate. 

And how does a pirate teach? Well, if you’re not familiar with Dave Burgess’s book, Teach Like A Pirate, you should be.  It will change the way you teach.  It has the potential to change your whole school.  So check it out.

If you know the book you’ll remember that “hooks” are an important part of creating engaging lessons. Now let’s face it, it doesn’t take a lot of work to make playing the ukulele engaging.  If you check out the unit I posted previously you’ll find lots of ways to keep students engaged.  I also have some upcoming posts on how to incorporate technology into the unit.

But I wanted to grab the students attention this year with something new.  So about two days before we were scheduled to start with the ukes, I put up this sign …


I also posted the question on our daily agenda/goals board.  It raised some questions, which led me to ask the question – what could provide hours of fun and creativity?

The next day at the end of class I gave each student a coupon on their way out –


The kids were confused at first. What is this? What do I do with it?

Read it and bring it back tomorrow was all I said.

Now remember, I teach middle school.  They often don’t even bring a pencil to class.  But guess what – almost EVERY student brought that coupon back the next day.  They gave me their coupon, I gave them a ukulele, and we got started.  By the end of class they were playing along (well, one chord) to the 12 Bar Blues.  But THEY WERE PLAYING AND MAKING MUSIC!

I drew two coupons at the end of class for candy bars.  And yes, the few students who didn’t bring theirs back got to play – they just had to wait until last to get their ukuleles and didn’t get in the drawing.

A few days into our ukulele playing and the kids are practicing and learning on their own.

A few days into our ukulele playing and the kids are practicing and learning on their own.

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