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Music Journal Prompts – Careers In Music


My students start each class with a music journal entry.  It’s a consistent way to start class – everyone knows the routine and it allows for me to take attendance and get everyone settled.  My students keep a folder in our classroom, so they have one journal paper for the week.

Sometimes the journal entries relate to what we’re doing in class – as an introduction to the day’s material or a review of the previous day.  Other times, I use it to cover topics that we might not otherwise get to.  We do a week of related journal prompts and by the end they have an introduction to something new.

The following are journal prompts that cover Careers In Music.  The journal page and rubric I use are available at the end of the post for download.  I hope they work for you!


Topic: Careers in Music

Monday:  Make a list of careers that relate to music.

Tuesday: What does a music producer do? (Watch or a similar video)

Wednesday: What kind of jobs can people have that involve music technology aside from a music producer? What types of skills and experience do they need? (Watch or a similar video)

Thursday: What is music therapy? What does a music therapist do? (Watch or a similar video)

Friday: Is it necessary to be an accomplished performer to have a career in music? Why or why not?

Music Journal and Rubric